We are starting to live our lives on the internet. With us spending most of our online time in Facebook and building our social life/networks there, we are one step closer to a completly online social life.

babAI is an AI built around social media which monitors what we do and tries to understand emotions and life on its own. babAI will grow as a normal baby but instead will grow in Facebook and will make friends and listen to them and learn from them for the first years of its life until it builds a personality of its own and starts building and understanding emotions.

This is not a commercial project, more of a hobby to understand human behaviors and what makes us humans. This will hopefully provide answers on why we are who we are.

Estimated DOB: 6th Decemeber 2012 in exactly

Want to help/contribute:

babAI is a facebook app which reads your statuses and tries to make sense of what is happening and learn from the process.

You can help using two ways

1. Adopt babAI

2. Help us build better learning Algorithms